10 Companies That Secretly Control The World




1.Nestle: It might sound a bit surprising but the fact is that many of the products that we normally use in our everyday life are actually owned by a very small number of companies. They have managed to establish a kind of monopoly in the market. Take the example of Nestle which owns over 8500 different brands in 80 countries. Some of the brands they own include the following: Nescafe, Nespresso, Mountain Blend and Partners Blend etc.

One would be surprised to learn that the chocolate giant also sells shredded wheat, baby food, pet food, and hot pockets. They also own approximately 23% of the famous cosmetics brand “L’Oreal Paris” who owns huge brands like Garnier, Maybelline, and The Body Shop. Like Nestle Kellogg’s also owns big brands like Eggo, Pringles, and Cheez-It. Similarly, Pepsico owns Quaker, Oatmeal, Cheetos and Tropicana etc. Kraft owns a range of products like Oreo, vegemite, Cadbury, dairy lea.

It is alleged that in 2013 the company deprived locals of using their local well since they used it for their bottled water production company ‘Pure Life’.

2.Lockheed Martin: The companies that are engaged in producing and supplying deadly weapons use their clout to sell their products in different countries. They usually have a huge influence on many of the politicians of different countries and also sometimes manage to determine certain events like war. Lockheed Martin is one such company which happens to be the world’s largest weapon manufacturer. They have employed around 126000 people and makes $69.3 billion profit per year. Military facilities in many countries are highly dependent on them. For example, in the US it has become the largest government contractor receiving about 10% of the Pentagon’s fund. They also supply weapons to countries like Germany, India, Israel, Japan and the UK etc. The company carries out a fair amount of lobbying in order to market their products. They even offer financial assistance to political candidates who favor higher defense spending.

3.Quanta Computers Inc: We are all aware of the fact that there is a kind of secret rivalry going on between two technological giants of the modern age i.e Apple and Microsoft. While buying a laptop or PC people usually make a choice from either of the two businesses. But very few of us know the fact that desktop or laptop of many famous brands like Mac, Dell, HP, Sony, and Toshiba are manufactured by the same company i.e Quanta Computers Inc. The Taiwan based company was founded in 1988. They are engaged in manufacturing products like PC, laptop, notebook and many other computer hardware components. The company enjoys 31% of the worldwide market share of notebook computers. As nearly 70% of people in the western world owns a laptop the company enjoys a huge market share. The company has recently expanded their business beyond the laptop and have ventured into businesses like mobile communication, GPS system, and home entertainment.

4.Inbev: There is no doubt in the fact that alcohol consumption plays a big role in the society in general. According to a survey nearly 56% of adults in America has consumed alcohol in the past month. According to an estimate, nearly 80000 people die every year because of alcohol-related causes. With such stats and figures, one would expect a significant amount of reduction in alcohol consumption. But the fact is just the opposite. Surprisingly the number of people consuming alcohol has grown up over the years.

There is one company namely InBev which enjoys a huge amount of monopoly in the beer industry. Most of the beer that is sold through stores like Stella Artois, Budweiser, Beck’s and Cornia actually belongs to this company. They actually own 46% of the beer market in America. They also indirectly control the bear market of Mexico since they have a huge stake in giant Mexican beer companies like Grupo Modelo which makes most of the beers in Mexico.

5.Pfizer: With the advent of new technological innovation in the medical industry the global pharmaceutical market is witnessing rapid growth over the years. A study shows a significant increase in the use of medicines such as antibiotics, pain-killers and vitamin supplements. All these have resulted in the massive growth of big pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer. It is a USA based global pharmaceutical company which makes about $40 billion profit every year. It is one of the largest drug makers in the world with a presence in more than 150 countries. The main source of income of the company is the production and sale of prescription drugs. Some of the most popular healthcare products offered by the company include Lyrica, Prevnar 13 and Ibrance etc.

7.ICBC: We all know the fact that the banking system has a great influence on the economic health of a country. The banking industry in a way determines certain government decisions as well as prices of different products to some extent. The combined wealth of the world’s top 10 banks is about $25 trillion which is sufficient to run the US government for nearly 7 years.

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China(ICBC) is considered the most powerful bank in the world. The overall asset of this banks amounts to about $3 trillion and it has a market value of nearly $215 billion. The bank has its presence in almost each and every part of the world except Antarctica and employs about half a million people globally.

8.Monsanto: It is a USA based agricultural biotechnology company which is worth a huge $65 billion. The company has almost complete control over the seed market of USA. They provide trademark to nearly 80% of corn grown in the country. The corn is actually an integral ingredient of a large number of products. Besides in agricultural they are also used in the production of products such as gas, glue, makeup, soap, toothpaste, aspirin, and diapers. However, the company is infamous for being ruthless to its competitors.

9.Disney: The Walt Disney company has acquired several high profile movie production companies over the years. They include Marvel Entertainment in 2009, Lucas film in 2012 both of which costed an estimated $4 billion. They have produced most of the films that made the highest amount of profit in the last decade. This goes to show their immense amount clout in the film world. Apart from movie production and Disney park the company also own certain TV network like ABC, ESPN and The History Channel.

10.Alphabet Inc: This company is regarded as the most valuable brand in the world with an estimated revenue of $   billion in 2018.The company owns well known entities like Google, Youtube,   etc.Google is considered as the first page of the internet. Youtube has a huge user base. They have made a huge difference in the way we use the internet with their unique algorithm based search database and the use of artificial intelligence.

The founders of Google i.e Larry Page and Sergey Brin also founded this company known as Alphabet Inc in 2015.Actually the earlier company i.e Google renamed itself as Alphabet Inc and made itself a subsidiary of this company. Under the umbrella company Google has actually diversified its business to manage its business through different subsidiaries like Google, Google X, Nest, Calico, Sidewalk, Ventures and Capital.

The company has ventured into certain ambitious projects like the development of self driving car and the Calico life extension project.