10 Dark Secrets Hollywood Doesn’t Want You To Know




  1. The Casting Couch Is Real:

The term “Casting Couch” is used to refer to a system in Hollywood where an aspiring actor or actress is offered a role in a movie or TV show in exchange for sexual fervor. Many male and female celebrities have reported having faced this problem. Several stars such as Thandie Newton and Charlie Theron have shared their horrifying experiences regarding this. Famous Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has been accused of harassing a number of women. A number of celebrities have come forward to share their bitter experience about it.

2.Publicity Stunts:

There are a lot of publicity stunts take place in Hollywood in order to draw greater public attention. In order to promote the film “The Prisoner of Zenda” the publicist of the film arranged an airplane to bring down dozens of residents of Zenda, Ontario to the premiere of the film. The lead actress of the famous film “Gone With The Wind” was selected after three years of interview and auditions conducted by many famous celebrities.

  1. Illegal Substances Are In The Budget:

There is denying the fact that illegal substances have become a part of Hollywood. It’s readily available in any major event. But what is more disturbing is that they are also being made available on the movie sets as well. Many actors are reported to have been encouraged to take the illegal substance on the set because it is believed that it will provide them with more and more energy to work. Therefore some producers go to the extent of including its expenses in the film’s budget itself. This practice was extremely prevalent in the earlier century.

4.Eating Disorders:

The celebrities remain under constant pressure to keep themselves slick and thin in order to increase their acceptability in the industry. They have to gain or lose weight according to the role they are playing in the movie. Many celebrities reported having starved in order to achieve the perfect shape to play a particular character in a movie. Therefore the excessive amount of dieting led to severe health hazards for many celebrities. However, nowadays celebrities have learned how to get the perfect shape with a healthy diet as they have become a lot more health conscious than before.

  1. Mafia Ties:

The industry has some unholy nexus with people belonging to the darker world. They have reportedly established ties with mafia and gangsters. Those corrupt people invest their black money in the industry. Many celebrities allegedly have a close link with people of the darker world and receive different types of assistance from them on a regular basis. The names of several celebrities come in the list who have alleged connection with mobsters.

  1. Fixers Can Get Rid of Anything:

Many people of the industry have some secret relationship with people with a criminal record. They use this relationship in their favor when they commit some criminal offense. They go to any extent to hide their crime and never hesitate to take assistance from people with a criminal record. Thus fixers are used in the industry to hide a crime or scandal committed by an actor or ruin the career of another celebrity.

7.Secret Children:

There are many celebrities who have secret children. They try to keep it a closely guarded secret in order to avoid getting involved in any scandal that would ruin their career. However in spite of all the secrecy sometimes these scandals come out in open and become subject to a lot of public criticism. Famous actor Steven Tyler had a secret affair with a lady which resulted in a girl child. But he kept it a closely guarded secret for several years before finally revealing it to her.


Age matters a lot in Hollywood. Producers and directors are usually very reluctant to cast aged people as the lead actor or actress in their movie. Therefore celebrities often hesitate to reveal their real age in public. They fear that they would lose out on promising roles if they reveal their real age in public and the fear is not baseless.

9.Cheating Co-stars:

Many actors and actresses often get involved in illegal relationship with their co-stars on the set while shooting. In most cases these type of relationship comes to an end when the shooting is over. However if such relationship persists even after that it might land them in trouble. Such relationship has led to several lawsuits over the years.

10.Child Abuse:

One of the most disturbing aspect of the Hollywood is the amount of child abuse that take place in the industry. Many child stars have reportedly faced different type of abuse and the most prominent among those is sexual harassment. Several former child actors have revealed how they have faced sexual abuse as a child actor.