10 Flight Attendant Secrets You Don’t Know About




  1. You Are Allowed To Ask For More Food:

Most people might not have heard it before but it’s true. While flying in an airplane if you find that the food that is served is insufficient you can actually ask for more food. Many people think if they could ask the flight attendant for a second or third meal. The answer is a resounding yes provided it is complimentary. Many airlines are now allowing people to ask for the extra mill when they finish the first one. But offering a full complimentary meal after the first one is not always possible but offering something extra is definitely possible. Airlines say that when a passenger asks for an extra meal they try their best to provide that subject to availability. More often than not there are leftovers that could be offered to a passenger who asks for something extra or an extra meal for that matter.

  1. Check The Presence Of A Life Vest Before Taking Off:

One of the most essential thing that is required while flying in an airplane is the life jacket. In most cases, the life jacket is kept under the airplane seat of the passenger so that they could use them at the time of taking off. However, sometimes some passengers steal life jackets and keep them as a souvenir. This might sound very odd but it’s a fact. It’s quite hard to imagine how some traveler manages to steal such a huge thing avoiding the eyes of the cabin crew and flight attendants. However one must remember that this is a kind of crime which might incur a huge amount fine if one is caught committing it.

Therefore for safety reason, one must check whether or not the safety jacket is kept under the seat. If it is missing for some reason he/she should ask for it from the flight attendant immediately.

  1. If You Accidentally Smoked, Use The Ashtrays:

We all know that smoking is something which is strictly prohibited inside an airplane particularly at the time of flying. However, in spite of the ban, some people still do it, particularly in the toilet. This is a kind of offense which might incur stringent fines but some people are not bothered about that. They still prefer to smoke in spite of the fine. Nevertheless, there is one way they can escape fine. Most of the airlines keep ashtrays for such smokers. The smokers if accidentally caught at the time of smoking could use the ashtrays to hide their offense. This is perhaps the best way to escape the fine.

  1. Don’t Be Squeamish During The Flight:

One may be surprised to learn the fact that most airlines don’t wash the blankets and pillows properly and only do a superficial clean up. The food trays and seat trays are also not washed properly. One can never be sure about the health and hygiene of the person who was sitting on the seat before. The seats are also not cleaned up properly. Therefore if you are squeamish in nature you should better use your own blanket and pillow. Clean up the seat and the surrounding as much as possible on your own before sitting. There is no point in complaining because no one is going to address the problem. Therefore try to make the place healthy and hygienic as much as possible on your own.

  1. The Lavatory Door Can Be Opened From Outside:

The passenger of an airplane usually feels that when he/she enters the lavatory and locks it from inside nobody will be able to open it from outside. But that is not the case. The flight attendants keep a key with them with which the door can be opened from outside in case of an emergency. Some aircraft prefer to hide the “Door Lock Mechanism” under the “No Smoking” sign on the toilet. If the label is torn then the door lock will be visible. This is the secret door lock with the help of which the flight attendants can open the door lock from outside in case of an emergency.

  1. Be The Last Person To Board The Airplane:

If you find yourself in a situation when you and your fellow travelers are checking in at a different time then you might find it very difficult to adjust with the timing. However, there is an easy solution to the problem. In such a situation one should board the plane as the last passenger. When all the passengers take their respective seat you can quite easily figure out which seats are empty. If you find that there are no more passenger to board the plane and some seats still remain empty this gives you an opportunity to sit on any one of them.

  1. Avoid Too Much Alcohol:

Flight Attendants usually ask the passengers to avoid too much of alcohol onboard.  This is because one glass of alcohol in the sky equals to two on the ground. This is very true since as we all know high altitude affects our blood pressure in such a way that the effect of alcohol is felt much more onboard than on the ground. Therefore there is always a certain amount of risk is involved if someone does too much drinking while onboard.

  1. Avoid The Bulkhead Seats:

Normally the passengers onboard who have babies with them prefer to take the bulkhead seats. This is because this kind of seats is considered easier and safer place to carry a baby. Therefore if you don’t want to listen to the cry of babies or bothered about the other disturbances caused by the babies you can choose to sit on the bulkhead seats. If you choose the bulkhead seat there is every chance that you might find yourself in the midst of many other crying baby passengers.

  1. Drink Only Bottled Water:

Over the years many passengers of various airlines have complained about the quality of water served onboard. It has often been found extremely poor in quality. Therefore instead of quarreling with the flight attendants regarding the quality of water served onboard its always better to drink only bottled mineral water. Studies have found the presence of significant amount of bacteria in the water served onboard. Therefore its always better to avoid drinking those water and use bottled water instead.

  1. Don’t Applaud At The End Of The Flight:

There are some passengers onboard who would give a big round of applause to the pilot at the end of the flight for proper landing and safe journey of the flight. Perhaps people try to express their gratitude to the crew or perhaps it’s the reflection of their joy of coming back home after a long tour. Whatever may be the case this gesture is completely uncalled for and should be avoided at any cost. The cabin crew in most cases find this kind of gesture extremely insulting. The flight is not a joyride and it’s the duty of the pilot to carry the passenger safely during the flight. It’s his duty and he only does his duty. He doesn’t ask people to give him credit for his work. Therefore it is something completely unsolicited and uncalled for and should be avoided at all cost.