10 Gadgets Actually Worth Buying




1.The Iron Man Glove:  The Iron Man Glove may be considered as one of the most advanced technological gadget of modern times. It has two button operated lasers that are extremely powerful. The laser ray that come out of this gadget is capable of piercing through even wooden object. The gadget also has a potent weapon in the form of a metal object that can easily knock a person down.

2.Mini Safe Wallet: It is a code wallet which is highly secure and perfectly suitable for carrying valuable items such as cash, credit card and driving license etc. There is a three digit locking code with the help of which one can lock this wallet with the help of an embedded tracking system . The wallet also uses RFID technology to protect contactless cards from potential electronic data theft. Thus the gadget is highly safe and secure and at the same time extremely handy as well.

3.Airbar:  The Neonode Airbar is a kind of gadget that adds touch screen capability to an ordinary laptop or computer monitor. The device is a slender aluminum strip with a USB connector on the right side. To use this device one need to stick it with the computer monitor with the magnet attached to it and connect the USB connector with the laptop or computer. It uses the simple plug and play technology that makes it very easy to use and extremely cost-effective.

4.Odin Aurora: It is the world’s first laser projection mouse. The mouse beams a very high resolution 8cm x 8cm box onto the area where we normally place the mouse. With the help of this wireless device one can scroll or control the PC directly from the desk surface. Thus the device is ideal for playing games or doing design etc as it uses two-finger scrolling and many other user-friendly features.

5.Orbit Wheel: This gadget has been created with the combination of the technologies used in roller skate and skateboard. It’s a pair of hollow wheels inside which one can put his foot. It can be propelled forward and backward by making up and down movement of the feet. It creates a kind of wave-like propulsion that can move one forward. But one can move only sideways as it doesn’t allow forward and backward movement.

6.Hickies: It’s a kind of footwear accessory that can be used in place of ordinary shoelaces. This new lacing system replaces the traditional lacing system. They are made of plastic elastomer  that stretches to provide comfort to the feet. They also help in better gripping of the shoe. They make the whole experience highly comfortable. They are extremely fashionable, durable and user-friendly.

7.Mogees Play: This device has the potential to turn any surface into a potential music or gaming input device. The device can be used with the help of a mobile app. It uses a special type of technology that could quickly interpret vibrations picked up from any type of surfaces such as a coffee cup, a desk or any surface that creates enough vibration for the Mongees Play to sense.

8.Switchmate: It’s an amazing device that helps in the automation of switching off lights. The device can be used with the help of a simple Smartphone app and by placing an AA powered battery operated device placed at the top of an existing light switch. Inside the device, there is a small motor that turns the light on and off. The device can be operated directly or with the help of an app.

9.Ventifresh: This device is used to banish bad smells. It decomposes odor through UV photocatalyst technology and produces refreshing clean air as a result.  It’s a plug and play device that is extremely simple to use. It can be placed anywhere to remove bad odor.

10.Noke: It’s a Bluetooth enabled smart lock system that can be used with the help of an iOS, Android and Windows device. The device offers keyless control with a key fob, a Smartphone app to operate the lock and many other very interesting feature. The lock is believed to be weather resistant and capable of handling the extreme temperature.