10 Most Sexist Countries of the World




  1. Iran:

The overall situation of women in Iran is quite bad. They are still denied some of the most basic fundamental rights. They are treated as second class citizen. They have no control over their bodies, they can’t leave the country without their husbands’ permission and they can’t enter the stadium. Apart from that women in Iran constantly face various types of abuse, harassment and discrimination in the society in general.

2. China:

According to a recent survey woman employees in China are facing rampant discrimination compared to their male counterpart. Most of the jobs are reserved for men only. Even if a few employers hire women the hiring is almost always based on physical attributes which is primarily aimed at appealing their male coworkers. Apart from the workplace in the society also women face various types of discrimination and oppression. Women who belong to the lower level of society are denied education and any kind of privilege. Thus women are in a deplorable situation in China.

3. Democratic Republic of Congo:

Sexual and gender based discrimination is on the rise in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Deep rooted discrimination against women and girls, harmful cultural practices and the low status of women and girl has resulted in large scale sexual and gender based violence and discrimination against women in Democratic Republic of Congo. A recently conducted survey found that more than 57% women face physical and sexual violence at some point of their life. The law which forbids violence against women is largely inactive and lack proper implementation. This has further worsened the situation of women in Democratic Republic of Congo.

4. America:

Although the United States of America is regarded as one of the most progressive countries of the world but gender discrimination and atrocities against women also exist there. Gender inequalities in the workplace and in the society in general have become a common pheromone. There are large scale allegation of sexual misconduct against prominent personalities who belong to politics, entertainment and the media industry. Moreover women are sexually harassed at their workplace, denied important assignments and get less paid than their male counterpart. In case of education also women are discriminated against. Thus the overall situation of women both at workplace and in the society in general is not at all impressive.

5. Russia:

In Russia violence and discrimination against women is very much prevalent. There are large scale reports of domestic violence, rape and sexual harassment. 56% women face physical torture by their husband and 80% encounter psychological violence. Sexual abuse in the workplace has become a common phenomenon. Women are always discouraged from entering into politics and denied basic education. Thus women in Russia are facing discrimination and harassment in every sphere of life.

6. Nigeria:

Discrimination against women in Nigeria is based on its culture and belief. Women are treated as subordinate to their male counterpart and are believed to be best suited for home keeping. Thus they are denied basic education and ownership of land and assets. Although a bill was introduced to provide equal rights to women in marriages, divorce, property ownership and inheritance, the bill was summarily rejected as the Nigerian Parliament said that “enacting a law to accord women equal rights with men was un-African and anti-religious”. Thus the woe of women which constitutes half of the total population of Nigeria continues.

7. Yemen:

Yemen fares pretty poorly when it comes to gender equality. Here men and women are seen as equal neither by the society nor by the law. Women don’t have any choice of their education, marriage, how their children are handled and even how and where they live. They are deprived of all basic fundamental rights. Yemen has the least amount of women literacy rate and political representation. It has no female member in the Parliament. The social, economic and political circumstances have resulted in large scale sexual discrimination against women in the country.

8. El Salvador:

Gender discrimination against women is prevalent in all spheres of life in El Salvador which includes education, health, employment and political participation. The country is listed as one of the worst country for women in Latin America where women are facing constant sexual abuse, rape and murder every other day. Recently the country has passed a law to protect women from violence and discrimination in the workplace. Whether or not this law succeeds in protecting women from violence and discrimination in the workplace is yet to be seen but it’s certainly a positive move towards providing gender equality.

9. India:

Gender inequality and discrimination against women is largely prevalent in India because of various socio economic and political reasons. Various types of atrocities against women have been going on for a long time which includes female feticide, not providing proper education to a girl child, getting a girl child married at a tender age and various types of domestic violence and torture carried out against women. The most important causes of gender inequality are poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, social custom, beliefs and anti female attitude.

10. Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia is considered as one of the world’s worst place to be women. Women in Saudi Arabia don’t have any independence in the choice of their work, travel, marriage and access to healthcare. They always have to depend on their male counterpart for each and every decision making. There is strict dress code for women guided by the Islamic law and each and every woman is bind by that law. They are also forbidden from interacting with any men other than their husband. They are also forbidden from visiting public places, restaurants and movies. Thus women face all sorts of restriction and discrimination in the country.