10 upcoming Google Projects




  1. Boston Dynamics: It was an American engineering and robotics design company which was acquired by Google in 2013. The company was well known for creating different types of robots that were capable of carrying out different types of activities that included certain military activities as well. Three years after its acquisition in 2017 Google again sold this company to Japan’s Softbank Group.

2. Delivery Drones: These are kind of Unnamed Aerial Vehicle(UAV) that are used to transport packages, foods and other products from one place to other. Many companies across the world have started using the system as a pilot project for delivering different products. E-commerce giant Amazon has applied for a patent for this type of delivery system. Their endeavor is to create an effective, accurate and convenient drone delivery system that has the potential to transport products to their customers.

3. Smart Contact Lens: It may be termed as one of the best discoveries of modern times because of its enormous utility and effectiveness. These contact lenses are virtually injected into the eyeball so it’s less of a contact lens and more of a surgical implant. The lens consists of storage, battery, sensors, a radio and many other electronic types of equipment. The lens helps in improving vision without glasses in a flexible and interactive way.

4. Internet Beaming Hot Air Balloons: Using the artificial intelligence technology Google has planned to launch a kind of Balloon that will be beaming internet while floating in the sky. They will be deployed in places where internet connection is not easily available. Google believes that the project will help in providing extremely useful and effective service in the most cost-effective way.

5. Cancer Detecting Pill: Google has planned to create a pill that will help to detect the presence of malignant cells in the human body. Their endeavor is to build an easy, accurate and smart way to detect cancer at the preliminary level by constantly monitoring the blood of the patient. The patient needs to swallow this pill and it attempts to identify the affected molecule in the body.

6. Internet Beaming Drones: Google is testing a kind of solar-powered drones that are aimed to deliver high-speed internet from the air. Google is actually testing the millimeter-wave radio transmission technology. High-frequency millimeter-wave has the potential to transmit gigabytes of data every second which is 40 times more effective than the today’s 4G LTE technology.

7. Wild Cat: It’s a type of robotic technology that has been recently acquired by Google. The Wild Cat is one of the fastest robots on earth which runs 32 kilometers per hour while maneuvering and maintaining its balance. The robot looks like a dog or horse and capable of making forward and backward movement while maintaining its balance.

8. Graphene: It’s a kind of graphite which has a width of one atom. The presence of carbon atoms in a specific order makes it a hundred times stronger than steel and diamond. Therefore it has the potential to revolutionize the internet and mobile technology in terms of speed and connectivity. They are capable of transmitting and receiving information at a rate of one terahertz. Thus this technology will provide unprecedented connectivity speed for various computer and mobile devices.

9. Giant Genomics Storing Service(Google Cloud Platform): The search giant Google will store genome in the cloud for just $25 per year. Their aim is to collect hundreds and thousands of genomes that will help in scientific research. Google wants to create one giant genomic database to help out the scientist to find the best drug for a particular disease. The company has already managed to collect hundreds of genomes in its database through its cloud platform.

10. Calico (Age tracking device): The founders of Google believed that by analyzing the genomes of people who live for 100 years at a relatively healthy condition they can solve the mystery of human aging. It is specifically for this reason they have founded a new company called “Calico”. The project is led by biotech pioneer Arthur Levinson. It is aimed at extending human life by about 100 years using health, wellness and age-related disease research.