10 Weird Things That Only Exist In Japan




  1. Sleeping in the office:

Sleeping in the office is normally considered as a serious offense in most of the countries but not in Japan. Here people are encouraged to sleep in office as bosses believe that those who sleep in office are more dedicated and hardworking and therefore should be encouraged. The kind of nap that spans for a short period of time is meant to bring fresh energy into the body and mind of the workers.

2. Toilet slippers:

Cleanliness is a major issue in Japan. The people of Japan make a clear differentiation between clean and unclean areas. The inside of the house is considered clean and the outside unclean. In order to limit the contact between the two many houses and even some restaurants keep toilet slippers outside the toilet which is meant to be used inside the toilet and left at the time of entering the room.

3. Subway chin rest:

In Japan, a special type of arrangement has been made in trains with the help of which people can take a nap during their journey. There is a special type of chin rest that allows people to stand upright and sleep.

4. Fake fangs:

In most part of the world, one of the main traits of beauty is having attractive teeth. Therefore people, particularly women go any length to straighten their teeth so that they look beautiful while smiling. They spend thousands of dollars on braces and cosmetic dental surgery. But the thing is completely different in Japan. Here people prefer to have fanged, crooked teeth. It is seen as an endearing feature on women in their 20’s. It is said to make them look cute and approachable.

5. Vending Machines:

Vending machines are normally meant for providing drinks and snacks etc. But in Japan, the vending machines are available for almost everything. There are vending machines for items like ramen, headphones and underwear and similar type of bizarre and strange items.

6. Baby mops:

One of the strangest of items available in Japan is the baby mops. They are meant for cleaning the floor. The idea is that when the baby will crawl around the floor it will naturally be cleaned up by the mop which the baby is wearing.

7. Pillows for lonely people:

In Japan a very peculiar type of pillow has been created for people who are lonely. This bizarre invention called “The Girlfriend Pillow” is shaped like a female body. Similarly for girls a similar type of pillow is available in the shape of the arm of men. People can sleep on them and enjoy the comfort they could get from the other gender.

8. Washlets:

The Japanese have invented a very useful type of electronic toilet seat or Washlets that has a special water spray feature for anal or genital cleansing. It is believed that this tool is capable of cleaning the body far more effectively than any other cleaning method. The flow of water and temperature can easily be adjusted with remote control.

9. Capsule hotels:

The capsule hotel is a kind of hotel which consists of a number of extremely little rooms. The rooms are so small that a person can just about sleep in it. These types of rooms are offered to those who require an overnight accommodation at a cheaper rate and don’t require any other facility other than sleeping.

10. Strange restaurants:

There is one restaurant in Japan where visitors are greeted by the female employees sitting on the counter with their legs spread. Many people of Japan have found this act extremely amusing and entertaining and thereby the restaurant have become extremely popular. Many people visit the restaurant to witness this unique phenomenon.