11 Things NOT To Do in New York




1.Don’t buy a burger from Subway. New York is home to a number of some of the most amazing restaurants. Therefore when one visit the city he should visit these popular restaurants instead of going to well known food chain like Subway.

2.Don’t get into an empty Subway. Many people have reported watching the Ghost in the empty subway. Therefore its always better to avoid visiting the empty subway.

3.Don’t make small talk. A person who is new to the city must approach the locals with due respect and dignity. The people in New York are not rude. Instead they are extremely helpful and caring. Tourists gets all sorts of help from the people of New York.

4.Don’t avoid the outer boroughs. New York have five boroughs. Each one of them have their own set of attractions. Therefore if a visitor fails to visit these places he/she will be deprived of watching a lot of remarkable tourist spots.

5.Don’t pay for a statue of liberty tour. It’s not worth paying any money for visiting the Island. Only 240 people are allowed to enter the monument every day. Tickets are normally sold out months back. Instead people can take a free trip to the nearby Island which offers a very nice close up view of the monument.

6.Don’t rely only on credit or debit card. There are a number of shops and restaurants at New York that only accepts cash. However there are a number of ATMs available in and around the city from where people can withdraw cash quite easily.

7.Avoid the high lines on weekends. On weekends in general hundreds of people visit the place and it becomes heavily crowded. Therefore it would be much better if one visits the place on weekdays when there is less amount of crowed and there is no hustle and bustle. A visitor will be able to enjoy the beauty of high line if he/she visits the place on a weekday.

8.Don’t block the sidewalk. New York is a busy place and hundreds of people use the sidewalk to move about in and around the city. They get extremely annoyed if someone stands in the middle of the sidewalk and thereby creates obstruction in smooth movement of people.

  1. Don’t take a Taxi if you are in New York City. They are very expensive and in most cases the drivers don’t know the destination i.e they don’t have good knowledge and understanding of the city roads. The best option to move about in the city is the subway which has an extremely good interconnectivity. Another good option is the app powered cab services like Uber. They are easily available and extremely comfortable.

10.There are many people who play shell or card game on the streets of New York. They are actually played as a kind of gambling luring people to get some quick bucks. Actually they are a kind of trap to deceive people and extort money from them. So please don’t get into the trap.

  1. If you happen to be an outsider then you should avoid visiting Times Square. This place is not at all suitable for any strangers who is new to the city. People will try to make money out of you in whatever way possible. Its full of several unscrupulous elements. Therefore avoid going there.