5 Cool Toys Every Kid Should Have




1.Haxbug Battle Boats: This toy is modeled after a very popular TV series named “Battleboat”. This toy was aimed at providing a kind of robotic experience to the kids. The Haxbug Battle Boat Arena consist of the following:

  • Two push activated pulverizing hammers
  • Battle-worn detachable robot pieces
  • BattleBots I/R Witch Doctor included
  • BattleBots I/R Tombstone included
  • Realistic protective walls
  • Fold-out game board
  • Batteries Included
  • Ages 8 and up

The game is played with the remote control run by batteries. The game consists of two fighter robots that fight with each other in the playing arena. The ultimate goal of the game is to fight for supremacy and ultimately defeat the opponent. The game is extremely exciting and loved by children and adults alike.

2.Supersuit: Its one of the very exciting wearable gaming system. Player just need to wear the suit, go to the backyard and start playing the game. The gaming object is usually worn on chest and hand. The chest plate contains a processing unite and radio communication system. The score is recorded through the system. The chest player consists of a vibration sensor which makes the player feel a pinch when he/she is hit by the wave. The glove can be used to attack other player or create a protective shield against possible attack. The system works through a combination of effects like light, sound, and vibration. Up to 30-40 kids can play the game together at a time. Thus it is one of the most amazing games of the modern time.

  1. Led Haliball: Its one of the most amazing flying toy that features a super bright LED light which illuminates a whole room. It uses our hands or feet as a controller. It features two adjustable flight modes.
  • Auto Hover Mode: In this mode, the toy can be controlled with hand or feet. In this mode, the object will return to the ground until a solid object is placed below it. When a solid object is placed below, it flies back to the sky.
  • Manual Mode: In this mode, everything can be controlled manually. The speed and height of the LED Handball can be controlled manually.

Playing this game requires certain skill in flying objects in the air. It requires a lot of practice. The game should be played in open space but not in the daylight because daylights affect its IR sensors and cause it to fly uncontrollably away.

4.Mystery UFO Toy: Its one of the most intriguing toy. The toy doesn’t run on battery, remote control or static electricity. How exactly it is operated still remains a mystery. The UFO hovers and floats in the air but it’s actually is an illusion. Another plus point of this awesome toy is that it operates completely silently and doesn’t make any irritating sound.

5.Iron boat: It’s a kind of gaming robot which may be assembled by kids. The iron boat is a DIY robot-learning kid series which can be assembled to create any kinds of robots by kids ages 8 and up. The toy helps the children to learn robotics. The toy could be connected to a Smartphone which provides it with more intelligence and functionality. The robot can be controlled through an APP that helps in making the robot to move and interact with it to play various games.