5 Most Mysterious Things to Ever Happen In the World!




  1. Flight 19:

It’s a story of the mysterious disappearance of a group of air force over the Bermuda Triangle in 1945. The TBM Avenger Torpedo bombers consisting of a group of 19 planes took off for a routine training operation but lost contact with the Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale, Florida. All 14 airmen on the flight along with 13 crew members were lost. The exact cause of the disappearance of these aircraft still remains a mystery. An extensive search operation was conducted to find out the remains of the plane but nothing could be found and the operation went in vein. Nobody ever found the bodies and debris of Flight 19.

2. Jim Thompson:

Jim Thompson was one of the most well known American businessmen. He helped in revitalization of the Silk industry in the 1950’and 60’s. He almost single handedly rescued the Thailand’s Silk industry from extinction. He is known as the “Silk King” for his enormous contribution to the industry. However the man had mysteriously disappeared while on a walk from Malaysian highlands. A massive search operation was conducted to find him out but the effort went in vein. The body of this famous businessman was never recovered. What exactly happened to Thompson still remains a mystery.

3. BC Beach Feet:

A strange type of discovery has been made in the Salish Sea beaches of British Columbia, Canada and Washington. Several severed foot of human bodies have often been spotted in the seashore. Such discoveries have often been made in different beaches of the United States. Scientists and researchers believe that these are nothing but the result of suicide and drowning. Many of the seashores are densely populated and cases of suicide and drowning are often being reported from these areas. Thus bodies of the floating corpses or severed feets are often recovered from these areas.

4. Taman Shud:

On 1st December 1948, the body of an unidentified person was found on the beach of Somerton, Australia. The body did not carry any identification document except an unused railway ticket, a bus ticket, a comb, gum, cigarettes and a scrap of paper where the word “Taman Shud” was written. The meaning of the word is “finished “in Persian.  The identity of the person and the cause of his death remains a mystery till to this date.

5. Roanoke:

The Roanoke colony was established in the Roanoke Island by the British Empire back in 1585. The colony was founded by Sir Walter Raleigh. The colony was inhabited by people till the Anglo-Spanish war. The colony disappeared during the war but the exact reason of their disappearance is unknown and still remains a mystery.