7 Impressive Facts About the Male Body




1.Female Origin: All of the humans begin their existence as females. The X and Y chromosomes are responsible for determining an individual’s sex.



After the 5 to 6 week period, if the fetus is to be male, the Y chromosome finally appears in a process called sexual differentiation. The male hormone is created with the mixtures of testosterone and estrogen.

2.Baldness: Researchers have found that people lose about 50-100 hairs per day! A study shows that in most cases baldness is caused by heredity. The genes and certain sex hormones are responsible for baldness in males. Usually, our hair sits in a tiny hole called follicle. Baldness takes place when these hair follicles start to shrink over time which ultimately results in shorter and thinner hair.

  1. Men Faces Age Slower Than Women’s: Researches have established the fact that male faces age slower than women. This is because the skin of women starts to deteriorate after puberty due to sex hormones. Men have 20% thicker skin than women and produce more and more collagen. Women lose this collagen faster than men and therefore they lose their sheen much earlier than men.

4.Thick Skin: As stated above according to research men have 20% thicker skin than women. It produces a lot of collagen as compared to their female counterpart and therefore they don’t lose their sheen even when they are old. Female skin starts to shrink dramatically after menopause and the signs of age becomes more pronounced at this point in time.

  1. Men’s Bodies Can Lactate: Male and female both have mammary glands i,e the organ which produces milk. In the case of females these mammary glands mature fully after puberty to the extent that with some hormonal influence they get ready for lactation. In the case of males these mammary glands don’t mature to that extent. However with some special medical intervention lactation in men is perfectly possible.

6.The Adam’s Apple: In males, the thyroid cartilage that surrounds the larynx tends to grow outward creating a feature called “Adam’s Apple”. This feature is more prominently visible in men primarily because they have a larger voice box than women. The growth of the voice box is caused by the increase in the level of testosterone. The Adam’s Apple doesn’t have any medical function as such.

7.Color Perception: Recent study and researchers have found out that there is a significant difference between the color perception of men and women. In fact, it has been found that the color perception of men is better than women. Certain experiments carried out on men and women have established this fact. The phenomenon is caused by the difference in certain hormone levels in men and women.