9 Facts We Should Finally Stop Believing




1.The Placebo Effect Only Works On Humans:

The “Placebo” is a kind of treatment. However, although it looks like the original treatment actually it is not. It’s an ineffective treatment which doesn’t have any effect on the body of the person under treatment. These type of treatment is undertaken to provide a kind of psychological boost to a patient. They in most cases have a positive effect on the mind and body of the patient. This effect is called “Placebo Effect”. Since the humans have the highest amount of intelligence it is believed that Placebo only affects humans. But scientists have found that it is also effective on some of the animals like the cat. They also found to have responded to such treatment positively.

  1. Milk Is Useful For Our Bones:

Milk marketers have often been found spreading misleading information for the benefit of their dairy products. One such information is “Milk is useful for our bones.” This claim is completely baseless and false. A study conducted by the world-famous Harvard University have found no evidence in support of that claim. Milk can in no way prevent bone fracture or diseases like Osteoporosis. On contrary to the claim it is found that people who consume more and more milk as a teenager are at a greater risk of bone fracture in their adulthood.

3.Chocolate Causes Acne:

This is a kind of myth that doesn’t have any scientific proof. The dermatologists have not found any relationship between chocolate and acne. They have claimed that consumption of chocolate has nothing to do with acne.  Diets with a higher level of fat and sugar might cause acne but that doesn’t mean consumption of chocolate will result in the growth of acne. Therefore the claim is only a myth and has no scientific truth.

  1. If You Run, You Have To Run Every Single Day:

Running is a very good exercise which helps in keeping the heart in good condition and reduces the ailments caused by high blood pressure and sugar. Therefore people should run for two or three days per week to keep their health in good condition. They don’t have to run every single day to stay healthy until and unless they are taking preparation for a marathon. Running is part of other exercise and certainly not the only one.

  1. Mount Everest Is The Tallest Mountain In The World:

Most of us believe that Mount Everest is the tallest mountain of the world but that is not true. Actually, it has the “highest elevation above the sea level” i.e “highest altitude.”The peak of Mount Everest is located at the height of 8850 meters(29035 feet)above the sea level. No other mountain has a higher altitude than this.

Mount Kea located at the Pacific Island has an altitude of 4205 meters(13796 feet) which is actually much lower than Mount Everest. But since it’s an Island, therefore, its distance is measured from the bottom of the Pacific ocean and thereby it becomes taller than Mount Everest. Mount Kea is over 10000 meters tall as compared to 8850 meters of Mount Everest making it the tallest mountain of the world.

  1. A Black Hole Is, Well A Hole:

Most people believe that the black hole is a kind of hole which gobbles up everything that comes nearby. But that’s only a myth. They don’t suck up nearby materials. Materials usually fall into a black hole when it collides with some other material that is also orbiting the black hole. Therefore the orbit of that material is replaced by the new one. Thereby if the material comes too close to the black hole then the black hole’s enormous gravity traps the material in such a way that it enters the black hole and goes into oblivion.

  1. You Are Safe Inside A Car During A Lightning Storm:

At the time of storm and lightning if we are sitting inside a car we feel that we are safe and secure but actually, that is not the case. Cars are mainly made of metallic materials and therefore the current caused by a lightning passes through it very quickly. Because of the body current, the car in most cases catches fire which triggers an explosion killing the people inside. Therefore nobody should feel secure sitting inside a car during a lightning.

  1. The Sahara Is The Largest Desert In The World:

Most of us think that Sahara is the largest desert in the world. Actually, deserts are of different types and each of them bears different types of characteristics depending on the climatic condition. There are four different types of deserts according to the different geographic condition. They are as follows:

1) Polar Desert

2)Subtropical Desert

3)Cold Winter Desert

4)Cool Coastal Desert

There are two deserts in the polar region. One is the Antarctic Polar Desert which covers the entire continent of Antarctica and has a size of 5.5 million square miles. The other one is Arctic Polar Desert which covers parts of Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia with a size of 5.4 million square miles.

The largest desert outside the polar region is the Sahara Desert located in northern Africa. It covers an area of 3.5 million square miles. There are several other non-tropical deserts of large size but they are not as big as the Sahara desert.

For this reason, one must be very surprised to learn that the largest desert in the world is actually Antarctica.

  1. Mars Is Red:

There are several myths and misconception about Mars. The hoax related to Mars started spreading widely in 2003 when it came very close to the earth and looked a lot bigger and brighter. It was speculated that it would look a lot bigger in size perhaps as big as the moon appears at the time of full moon. In an email message, it was said that during its historically close encounter with earth sky watchers should use a 75 power magnification telescope which will make it look as big as the full moon. People misunderstood this message and thought that the mars would look as big as the full moon which is not the case. Similar mistakes have been made time and again spreading widespread rumors and speculations.