5 Places Where Gravity Doesn’t Seem To EXIST!




  1. Magnetic Hill:

The Magnetic Hill is located in the Leh-Kargil region of India. The region is said to have certain magnetic properties which pull cars and other properties uphill. Cars can move without engine anywhere within the 30km highway and reach a maximum speed of 20km/hr. It is believed that a supernaturally strong magnetic force is at work surrounding the road that makes the cars move upwards since cars are made of metal elements. However, the real cause of this is that a curved or obscured horizon creates an optical illusion, making a downhill slope appear to head uphill.

2. Spook Hill:

The name “Spook Hill” is associated with a legend. As per the legend many years ago there was an Indian village on Lake Wales, Florida. The place was plagued by the attack of a huge gator. The chief of the village was a great worrier. He was engaged in a battle with the gator and eventually killed it. However, the chief also got killed in the battle. He was buried in the lake on the northern side. Sometimes later some horse riders discovered that their horses laboring there and named the hill as “Spook Hill”. Here the gravity is said to behave strangely since cars move upwards towards the hill. Like in the case of Magnetic Hill here also it’s a case of pure optical illusion. Like other anti-gravity spots that are found in the world, it is also a similar place where the optical illusion creates certain mystery regarding gravity.

3.Barahona’s Magnetic Pole:

The Barahona province is located on the southwestern coast of the Dominion Republic. Its capital is Santa Cruz de Barahona. The place has become famous because of a mysterious phenomenon that takes place here. There is a certain point in the road where the cars seem to move upwards. It’s also nothing but a mere optical illusion as no such magnetic field exists in the area. Nevertheless, hundreds and thousands of tourists visit the place to witness this amazing phenomenon of nature.

4. Mystery Spot:

The Mystery Spot is a region in the Santa Cruz area in the USA where gravity doesn’t seem to work. People here seem to walk in a tilted fashion and look like they are rolling uphill. The exact cause of this kind of phenomenon still remains a mystery. The illusion experienced by the visitors is caused by the oddly tilted land as well as standing on an oddly tilted floor. The slanted floor causes optical illusion as it makes people feel that they are standing in a tilted way. The house is in fact slanted at a 20-degree angle which causes all the misconception and optical illusion.

5. Rainbow Waterfall:

We normally see that water moves downward in a waterfall but there are a few exceptions to this as well. There are some waterfalls where the water moves upwards which in the naked eye look quite amazing and amazing. But there are certain scientific reasons behind this. The water is moved upwards by the sheer power of wind which prevents it from falling into the ground. This kind of phenomenon is visible in a few waterfalls around the world. These kinds of waterfalls are created when strong gusts of wind blow against a waterfall’s flow thus forcing the flow of water to move upward or blow backward. Therefore upside down waterfalls are very natural and there is nothing supernatural about it.