Top 10 Dark Secrets From Hollywood




  1. The movie “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” grossed almost $1 billion, but for some unknown reason the accounts show it lost $167 million. Similarly, “Return of the Jadei” hadn’t made any profit, but made $500 million on a budget of $40 million. This is what is popularly known as “Hollywood Accounting” and its main function is to create fake companies that are paid fake fees in order to show a reduced amount of profit for a movie. This is done in order to reduce the amount of payment being made to actors and actresses. For example the famous actor David Prowse, who played the role of Darth Vadar never received the kind of payment he deserved for his acting. The same thing happened with the popular actor Stan Lee, who played a vital role in “Spider Man”.

  1. There was a movie named “The Conqueror” where the famous actor John Wayne played the role of Genghis Khan. The film was shot in Utah’s Escalante Valley. The shooting location was approximately 240 kilometers south of the US nuclear facility. Nearly a year before the beginning of the shooting of the film, 11 nuclear bombs were being tested in the area. Nearly a year after the test when the crew started shooting in the area they found severe contamination in air and water. There was no other option but to stop shooting in the area. However, in order to provide authenticity to the shot the producer left no stone unturned. He brought almost 60 tons of radioactive soil to the studio in order to provide authenticity to the shot. However, that move proved to be very dangerous. Almost half of the cast of the movie was diagnosed with cancer. It was almost like an epidemic with so many cases of cancer found at a time.

  1. There was a trend of writing a positive review for poor movies and lure people to watch those poorly made flop films. The famous entertainment network Sony appointed a person named David Manning to write fake positive reviews for poorly made films. This type of movie included movies like “The Animal”, “A Knight’s Tale” etc. They were actually very poorly made films and received very poor rating from actual critics. However, people soon discovered this trick and the company was sued by some people. Eventually they won the case and the company had to pay $1.5 million as compensation to people who had been duped.

  1. In most cases the disclaimer shown in movies like “No Animals Were Harmed” during production is a completely false statement. In fact, there are a number of incidents where many animals were hurt or killed during the shooting. On an average over 25 animals, including sheep and goats die due to dehydration and exhaustion during the shooting process. The tiger that featured in the famous film “Life of Pie” was almost about to die because of drowning. A Chipmunk was squashed during the production of “Failure to Launch”. Dozens of fish were killed during the shooting of the famous film “Pirates of the Caribbean” In spite of many incidents like these most of the films falsely show the disclaimer.

  1. During the 1950’s decade the authorities had barred hundreds of directors, actors and crew members from working in any Hollywood film. This was primarily because they suspected that these people might be having secret links with the communist. However, they had no evidence to prove their claim. Among the well known actors who was blacklisted at that time included some legendary actors like Orson Wales and Charlie Chaplin. Chaplin got his permit cancelled by the US authorities in 1952.He could make only two films after that. Famous actor Cliff Robertson was also blacklisted with the allegation of whistle blowing.

  1. It might sound a bit awkward, but it’s a fact that many of Hollywood’s extremely popular actors have actually committed extremely grievous crimes. At the age of 16, Mark Wahlberg had badly beaten up a Vietnamese man. He faced 45 days of imprisonment for attempted murder. Actor Sean Penn hit his wife Madonna in the head with a baseball bat and assaulted her for nine hours. Another famous actor Will Smith was once arrested in connection with the assault of a man that left him blind.

  1. The child star named Jackie Coogan rose to prominence during the 1920’s. But it is often alleged that his huge fortune which amounted almost $60 million was actually taken away from his mother and stepfather. They spent the money on fur coats, diamonds and luxury cars. However, Jackie sued his parents, but got back only a small part of the total money, which amounted for about $2.1 million. Later a bill was passed to prevent these type of incidents from happening, but even today only 15% of a child’s earning is protected.

  1. As in the case of any other film industry in Hollywood also the gender pay gap is huge. The highest paid actors usually gets 2.5 times more than the highest paid actresses. The discrimination is not only limited to disparity in payment. The male actors usually get twice screen time than their female counterpart. To make things worse only 15% movies feature female characters and there are only 16.7% female director, writer and producer.

  1. We all know the fact that the life of stuntman is full of risk. In many cases there remains life risk when doing certain stunts for a particular movie. There are many instances where many stuntman have lost their lives while carrying out some extremely risky stunt. Such instances have occurred during the shooting of films like “Top Gun”, “xXx” and “The Expendables”. The most tragic incident happened during the shooting of the film “Twilight Zone”. An accidental crash of a helicopter caused the death of three talented actors.

  1. Many historians allege that Hollywood secretly collaborated with the Nazis so that films could run smoothly in German theaters. Many studios had stopped showing movies that could have damaged German prestige like movies that glorified democracy and the plight of the German Jews.